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About Success Manpower Employment Agency!

  • We take pleasure in introducing Success Manpower Employment Agency, the best-known Employment agency in Singapore with four stars voting by our Customer.

    Our agency is registered under the MINISTRY OF MANPOWER (MOM) Singapore with License No 04C4554.

  • Success Manpower Employment Agency was started in the year 2004 and have nearly 12 years of proven record in matching the best suitable Foreign Domestic workers to our valuable customers from Myanmar, Philippine and Indonesia and has been led by group of experts.

  • With relevant years of experience under our belt, we have brought thousands of FDW to serve the local community.

  • We are accredited under AEAS (Association of Employment Agencies Singapore).

  • We hold the Certificate of EA TRUST, Indonesia.

  • We are accredited by the Philippines Embassy.

How do we select the maids for employment in Singapore?

  • Our FDWs are personally interviewed by our provincial recruiters/ Suppliers in Myanmar and Philippines.

  • Further which, applicants must further meet the preliminary physical, mental and attitude requirements set out by Success Manpower Employment Agency before they are recruited.

  • The FDWs are first recruited by our provincial recruiters and then transported to Training Centers.

  • At the training centres, only applicants which are considered suitable by the standards set out from the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore (MOM) will be shortlisted.

  • We send our Recruitment Managers to interview potential foreign domestic helpers in the  Training Centre on a regular basis.

  • They have to go through various stringent screenings in order to be selected for employment in Singapore.Our recruitment criteria adhere to strict local standards and guidelines.

  • After which, the selected FDWs will go through a training regime in the designated training centres and this is where those with undesirable work attitude and poor learning capabilities will be disqualified.

  • Before the maids arrive in Singapore Full training, orientation on local culture and social etiquette, medical check-up, psychological and IQ tests are conducted prior to their departure for Singapore. They will learn basic language skills prior arrival.

  • Essentially, only good candidates will be offered a job in Singapore and they will be matched accordingly to the employer’s requirements.

About our Oversea training centres

  • Success Manpower Employment Agency has our own office and training centre in Myanmar and Philippines with our team of Executives working all over these countries to scrutinize the best suitable helpers that match the requirements of our valuable customers.

  • All the FDW’s from Myanmar & Philippines undergo a minimum of 45 days of training about the basic works in our training centre.

  • Each department in our training centre is handled by individual staffs for ex., English Tutor, training to handle Senior citizen, Baby care training etc.,


  • All our staffs in Success Manpower Employment Agency are committed to the vision of our agency.


  • Our agency is more special and different from other agency as the same nationality staff handles their own department which results in the best matching of the helpers to our customers.

  • Our staffs are well-trained and can provide you with the best customer service.

    We take great pride in understanding our customers’ needs to introduce the most appropriate FDW.

  • We aim to provide you with transparent, honest and high-quality service.

    We believe that hiring a domestic helper is not simply a one-size-fits-all enterprise.

    To ensure the highest standards of quality are met, we personally interviewed all our maids to better assess their strength and abilities.

  • This allows us to confidently recommend to our customers the maid that best suits their unique individual needs.

  • They are also liaising with our partnered training centre to make sure of the maids, quality, working attitude & standard our valued prospect employer is looking for.


  • We comply fully all of Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) rules and regulations.

  • We believe in full transparency in our dealings with Foreign Domestic Workers and Employers. All contracts are documented and subject to MOM’s audits.


  • We protect the interest of Employers when the domestic helpers are difficult and We preserve the dignity of the FDW’s by ensuring that they are treated well by their employers and paid fairly for an honest day’s work.

    Where rules pertaining to domestic helpers and Employers are unclear or ambiguous, we choose to interpret them in favour of the FDW and Employers. OUR VISION

  • We are committed to providing the best helpers for your every need and requirement where clients will come to for, excellent service, simple rather than complex procedures and the highest quality suitable maids that will cater to the client’s needs and requirements.


  • Success manpower is committed to providing carefully matched Domestic Worker based on superior industry knowledge, genuine passion for what we do and a real understanding of the needs and requirement of our clients and their family.


  • Our aim is to become the trusted maid agency that will provide the most suitable Domestic helper to help lessen the workload of the family.

  • All potential employers are invited to our office for a personal webcam interview with your shortlisted helpers and be assured of the standard and quality of the helper that you will get.

  • Please call us at the office: 67499621, 91010704

    (Zay Zay Tun Lwin – Reg No. R1100881)

Success Manpower Employment Agency Lic No : 04C4554 E:mail : Phone : 67499621 Whatsapp : 91010704