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Success Manpower Employment Agency's Services

  • Application, Renewal, Transfer , Reinstatement & Cancellation of work permits services
  • Foreign Domestic Workers Job placement services  
  • Direct Hire application of Foreign Domestic Workers
  • Repatriation Services, Booking and Purchasing of air tickets
  • Purchasing of banker guarantee and insurance for maids
  • Arrangement of medical checkup for maid
  • Renewal services of FDW’s Passport
  • Oversea Countries Visa Services for FDW (Thailand, Malaysia, Hongkong , Etc. )

Employer Questions and Answers

Who can apply for a FDW ?
All Singapore citizens, Permanent Residents and expatriates (holding valid employment or work passes), having a valid reason to employ a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) at their residence, are eligible to apply but subject to MOM approval. For expatriate employers, they have to declare that their family members are living with them upon application.

What is the current levy?
Employers are required to pay a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) monthly levy of $265 (normal) or $60 (concessionary). Levy charges begin on the fifth day after the FDW arrival in Singapore, including the day of arrival. Levy Payment should be made via GIRO only.
The FDW’s Work Permit (WP) will be cancelled if the employer fails to maintain a valid GIRO account.
Employers can view their levy bills online using the Internet Foreign Worker Levy Billing (iFWLB) System via SingPass.

What are the criteria to be eligible for a levy concession?
Generally, a household that has a child/grandchild who is a Singapore Citizen below 16 years old or an elderly (Employer/Spouse/Parent/parent-in-law/grandparent/gandparent-in-law) who is a Singapore Citizen aged 65 years old or above may be eligible to apply for a levy concession but subject to MOM approval.
Besides, a household living with a person with disability may also be eligible for levy concession.

Can I interview the FDWs even if they are not in Singapore?
Yes. To facilitate the selection, we do offer webcam and/or telephone interview for the shortlisted candidates whom are not in Singapore.

When and how do I make salary payments to the maid?
You should pay your FDW her salary monthly and no later than 7 days after the last day of salary period. We highly advise that you do not hold your FDW’s salary for safekeeping purposes as this might lead to potential misunderstandings.
There are 2 ways to make salary payments. The first way is to deposit into her bank account in Singapore and let her keep the bank book. The second way is to pay via cash. If payment is via cash, we have prepared a salary schedule to ensure that there are proper records beings done.

Can the maids work without off-days and hand phones?
Most maids can work without off-days in lieu of compensation. If the employer or the maid wants an off-day, it can be arranged prior to the maid’s deployment. For usage of hand phones, it is up to the employer’s discretion on the maid’s usage on the hand phone.

Can Success Manpower Employment Agency Maids guarantee my maid will work out well?
As we are dealing with human beings, we cannot guarantee that the maid will work out well. We will however, try our best to make sure the maid is up to our standard before they are deployed in Singapore.

What do I do if I would like to arrange alternative accommodation for my maid when I am overseas?
We provide lodging accommodation for the maid if you decide to put the maid with us. One day $20.

Do you have any issues or demerit points from MOM or other government agencies?
No, we have no issues with any government authorities.

What happens if the FDW I employ who does not match up to my expectations?
Inevitably, some qualified FDWs may not be found to be suitable for employers due to personality or compatibility issues. In such instances, we do provide counselling services to the FDWs and advisory service to the employers.
After all necessary actions are taken, if the existing FDW needs to be transferred, we will provide the employer with a replacement as soon as possible.

What is Success Manpower Employment Agency Maid’s view on transferring/replacing your maid?
We will try our best to follow a1 out1 in replacement policy so that you will have a maid always to cope with your household needs. We understand it is difficult to cope without a helper and thus, we will do our best to help while adhering to government regulations.

What after-sales service can I expect from Success Manpower Employment Agency?
We value all of our customers. Regardless of who they are. Thus, we are committed in providing excellent before and after-sales service.
We provide loyalty programmes and a full suite of services that includes counseling of the FDW, renewal of work permit and passports, home-leaves, endorsement of embassy document, replacement of FDWs, upgrading skill courses, arrangement of air-tickets, and repatriation of the FDWs upon completion of their contracts.
We also provide hotline services (by their native speaking counselors) to your FDW if they need additional assistance. ( such as Translation , counseling , etc )

What are the modes of payment accepted?
We currently only accept Cash and Cheque.

Any advance payable and would the advance be refundable in the event the FDW is returned?
We have a refund policy on the balance of the advance payment in the event the FDW is returned and successfully transferred to a new employer. This policy is conditional upon the employers not breaching any of the clauses stated in the service agreement between the employer and the agency.

Is insurance coverage necessary for my FDW?
Employers are required to take care of their FDW medical expenses in Singapore. Therefore, all FDWs need to be covered with adequate insurance.
This is compulsory before a work permit can be issued by MOM. The new insurance policy requires the FDW to be covered with a minimum sum of S$15,000 per year for hospitalization claim.
The sum is in line with the new hospitalization subsidy regulation. It is also compulsory for employers to take up a Personal Accident Insurance policy for their FDWs before they can employ the FDW. The minimum sum assured should be $40,000. Nevertheless, we would advise employers to upgrade the FDW insurance policy to a better plan so as to cover higher-than-expected bills arising from the FDW hospitalization expenses.

Can I repatriate the FDW without going through the agency?
Yes, the employer can repatriate the FDW without going through the agency as long as such action does not breach any of the clauses in the service agreement between the employer and the agency. However, we would strongly advise the employer to repatriate the said FDW via our agency, so that we could discharge your responsibilities (if any) to protect your interest.

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